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8103 Gen II


The LS8103 Gen II provides the next step in laser sight technology. It combines turn click 1 MOA adjustment for both windage and elevation to making adjustment incredibly easy. It gives the operator complete wireless control over its functions with the wireless pressure switch that is easily attached to any picatinny rail. Its technology is only matched but, its compact frame giving the operator exactly what they need to control any encounter.

•    Cutting edge technology, giving the operator the ability to control it via the wireless pressure switch along with the standard on off switch function

•    Precision adjustment, giving the operator the ability to adjust for elevation and windage with simple 1 click MOA adjustment gives the operator the ability to make the changes they need without the use of tools

•    Compact and light weight, built into is compact footprint is a solid durable one piece design giving the operator the ease of the latest technology

•    Built for the elements, made from Aircraft quality aluminum it is designed to handle all that the elements can throw at you •    Waterproof, the unit is waterproof up to 3 meters in depth

•    True Green Laser, operates a true 532nM green laser

•    True Infrared laser, operates a true IR 850nM laser that pairs perfectly with night vision for night operations

•    There when you need it most, giving the user 6 hours of continuous usage on either the green or IR platform running on a single battery

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