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The AimSHOT Heatseeker gives you the patented technology you need whether its on the hunt, search and rescue, or even law enforcement. Our Heatseaker gives you the awareness you need out in the unknown. It rugged and durable design allows for the user to take total control of any situation. Using both heatseeking and laser technology it gives the user the ability to control the situation and the outcome. The Heatseeker also has use in home inspections as it can be used to track leaks within a home.

Heatseeker Basic Features

•    Long range capable, the AimSHOT HeatSeeker tracks heat sources up to 300 yards away.

•    Technology to show you the difference, differences in temperature (heat) are displayed on the LED bar graph, and the unit has adjustable gain to match your background temperatures.

•     Added Laser precision, there is an included red laser that allows you to visually identify exactly where the HeatSeeker is pointed to further pin point areas of interest.

•    Built for the most extreme of conditions, designed to operate from -40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

•    Built for attachment, works with standard adjustable mounts to get the user the freedom they need to control the situation

•    Extended use, running off 1 single 9V battery the Heatseeker gives the user of operation to save battery life it uses a 20-minute idle shut off function.

•    Custom look for your use, whether it is for the hunt, tactical, or search and rescue the Heatseeker gives you the choice you need available in standard matte black or camo finishes includes hard plastic carrying case.

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