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KeyMod Quick Release Flashlight Mount MTKM LM

Patented KeyMod Quick Release First and only ones of their kind on the market. We have delivered a system that allows you to adjust your accessories quickly and easily. No longer do you have to change screws or carefully work with different hardware to mount your accessories. Utilizing a solid aluminum housing coupled with steel fasteners our quick releases give the operator the perfect combination of strength and functionality. Our system uses simple push button technology to allow the operator to attach their mount to any KeyMod rail; once the buttons are released the mount locks into place and provided a strong base for the operator needs. Available in three different styles and designs, our mounts work with all different accessories on the market today. Our Patented KeyMod Quick Release flashlight/laser mount.  The 1” diameter mount also comes with a 7/8” bushing. Utilizing the standard 1" or 7/8" bushing it will fit most flashlight or laser attachments for any of your lighting needs. 

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