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BS 204 Ruger

Our bore sight system is one of kind on the market today. Unlike other systems which require you to purchase a bore sight for each caliber our proprietary system allows you to use one bore sight and with our arbors bore sight multiple calibers. Our boresights are made with a solid and durable construction that we guarantee is zeroed in and requires no adjustment. They run on button cell batteries for all closed chamber operations but, can be retro fitted with a battery pack to increase battery life from 10 minutes to over 20 hours. Made from a solid brass housing and utilizing a 640nM wavelength throughout the line; our bore sights are exactly what you need to be ready!

BS 204 Ruger

  • - Wavelength 650nM

    - Uses 3 Button Cell L736 Batteries

    - Approximately 10 minutes in run time

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