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BS 30

30 Carbine laser bore sight module. Designed to make it quick and easy to bore sight your rifle chambered in 30 carbine. This laser is also the basis for the AimSHOT pistol caliber laser bore sight system and is used in conjunction with the AimSHOT pistol Arbors to bore sight other pistol calibers.


This is the system that AimShot recommends be used with our arbors for any pistol caliber laser bore sighting. It is the most versatile and accurate system on the market, and should not be compared to any other chamber based bore sights. AimShot has the original patent on the chamber laser bore sight and still makes the best system. More accurate, more durable, longer lasting and functionally superior to any other system on the market. Used extensively by manufacturers in the industry, and the US military. The original and still the best. 


The AimShot laser bore sight system is designed around a single high quality laser, 30 carbine for the pistol calibers, and a system of hollow arbors that are designed to fit over the 30 carbine laser and fit in the chamber for other calibers. So if you want to bore sight a 45ACP, you would need the 30 carbine laser and then the appropriate arbor (AR45ACP in this case). Being able to bore sight additional calibers by purchasing an arbor is much more cost effective.


Make sure that you have the pistol in a vise or held securely and ready to adjust prior to turning on the laser as the battery life in the 30 carbine bore sight utilizing the smaller watch batteries (L626/AG4) is very limited, 8-15 minutes depending upon battery and output. We recommend having extra batteries on hand if you plan to use the smaller batteries.


BS 30

  • - Uses 4 Button Cell L626F Batteries

    - Approximately 10 minutes in run time

    - Wavelength 650nM

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