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BS 9

AimShot BS9 9mm laser bore sight module. Designed to make it quick and easy to bore sight your pistol/rifle chambered in 9mm Luger. This is an actual laser bore sight, no additional parts are needed. Insert brass laser module into chamber and align scope reticle/sights to match laser beam at 20 yards. Remove laser and proceed to the range for final adjustments at whatever range you want your zero. Some semi auto pistols have stiff extractor springs and can make it difficult to close the slide over the laser inserted in the chamber.


<5mW FDA Class IIIa laser


Make sure that you have the pistol in a vise or held securely and ready to adjust prior to turning on the laser as the battery life in the 9mm bore sight utilizing the smaller watch batteries (L626/AG4) is very limited, 5-15 minutes depending upon battery and output. We highly recommend having extra batteries on hand. They must be alkaline batteries (not silver oxide) and have full output. We recommend amazon or other online sellers to have the best shot at getting fresh batteries that haven't been sitting on the shelf. 

BS 9

  • - Uses 3 Button Cell L736 Batteries

    - Approximately 10 minutes run time

    - Wavelength 650nM

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