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Designed to be used with an external battery pack our battery bore sight systems provide the extended run time that the traditional bore sight cannot. Allowing the operator 20+ hours of run time off 2 AAA batteries this system offers the most economical solution for all your bore sighting needs. The external battery bore sight system is intended for use of only open chamber applications. Severing the wire will render the laser inoperable. 


This product is the 9mm laser bore sight module with external battery box. Designed to make it quick and easy to bore sight your 9mm. Will not work on most semi-automatic pistols if you have to close the action to lock the barrel. Must have fixed barrel to function (i.e. Uzi, AR-15 in 9mm, etc). With the growing popularity of Pistol Caliber Carbines, this 9mm laser bore sight will help you get your optics set up properly with minimal tiime and ammunition lost!


  • - Battery pack uses 2 AAA batteries

    - 20+ hours in battery life

    - Wire approximately 3 inches in life

    - Wavelength 650nM

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