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Custom Rifle Green Laser Bore Sight Kit with 4 arbors

Custom bore sight kit. Includes BSB223G Green laser bore sight plus your choice of 4 additional arbors to make up your custom bore sight kit.  The Green laser bore sight is easier to see and if you are using it a lot makes a big difference in ease of use. 


This package is similar to our MBS-Kit3 but it allows you to customize your kit to fit your exact needs. This custom rifle bore sight kit includes the BSB223G Green laser (utilizes the external 2 AAA battery pack) as well as four arbors of your choosing. In the pull down menu you can choose the four arbors from the list of our 17 arbors. There is a list of arbors and fitments in the product images above to check fitment of your favorite cartridges. 


There are 4 additional arbors available but not listed in the choices that will fit the AimShot MBS223 laser, but are not an option to add to the kit because of the higher cost of the specific arbors. If you want to add any of the following arbors to the kit, they can be added seperately buy purchasing them from the listing of arbors for the 223 laser bore sight and we will add them to your kit. The separate arbors are the AR50BMG, AR12GA, AR20GA and AR338LM. Or you can purchase the AimShot Master 2 bore sight kit that includes every rifle arbor AimShot makes!

Custom Rifle Green Laser Bore Sight Kit with 4 arbors

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