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KeyMod Quick Release Picatinny Rail MTKMQR-PR

Patented KeyMod Quick Release


First and only ones of their kind on the market. We have delivered a system that allows you to adjust your accessories quickly and easily. No longer do you have to change screws or carefully work with different hardware to mount your accessories. Utilizing a solid aluminum housing coupled with steel fasteners our quick releases give the operator the perfect combination of strength and functionality. Our system uses simple push button technology to allow the operator to attach their mount to any KeyMod rail; once the buttons are released the mount locks into place and provided a strong base for the operator needs. Available in three different styles and designs, our mounts work with all different accessories on the market today. 

Picatinny Rail mount, at 60mm long to accommodate nearly all accessories on the market today. Using its low profile of only 10mm in height any accessory added with this mount would require minimal adjustment. 


AimShot MTKMQR-PR Quick Release KeyMod Adapter - Picatinny Rail 60mm, Tool free KeyMod quick release for mounting accessories to KeyMod rail sections. 60mm = ~2 1/4". Comes with 6 slot picatinny rail that is low profile. Works great to attach most metal accessories to the KeyMod rails. Some plastic accessories (Vertical Fore Grips typically) need more height and work better on the 140mm length QR.  Tool free mounting on KeyMod rails- press down onto KeyMod holes and slide towards muzzle to lock in place. Squeeze buttons on the sides and slide towards receiver to unlock. Solid "click" is heard when it's locked in place. Adjustable bottom screws to fit most thicknesses of metal rail systems (cerakote, anodized, etc). NEW larger buttons make it easier to mount and remove quick detach from rails. 


PR is the 60mm Picatinny Rail version of the KeyMod quick release. If you have an accessory that you want to attach and detach from your KeyMod rail easily without tools, this is it. The rail is 60mm long (just over 2.25”) and has 6 picatinny rail slots to work with.

KeyMod Quick Release Picatinny Rail MTKMQR-PR

  • - 60mm Length

    - 13mm Height

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