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This kit includes a 223 laser bore sight and all of our 16 different rifle arbors.  You will be able to bore sight just about every common caliber rifle with this kit.  The kit includes:

- MBS223 Dual power bore sight (red)

-AR243        -AR22-250

-AR264        -AR270WEA

-AR3006      -AR270WSM

-AR3030      -AR300WEA

-AR762        -AR300RSUM

-AR20GA     -AR375HH


-AR8MM      -AR50BMG


***NEW OPTION*** please select in the options menu if you would like to include the 6.5 Creedmoor in your kit as well


  • - Wavelength 650nM

    - Uses 3 L736 Button Cell Batteries

    - Approximately 10 minutes of run time on the internal batteries

    - Battery Pack uses 2 AAA batteries

    - Approximately 20 hours of run time on the external battery pack

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