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Our Green Laser Master kit is perfect for outdoor applications! This kit includes a 223 laser bore sight and all of our 16 different rifle arbors.  You will be able to bore sight just about every common caliber rifle with this kit.  The kit includes:

- BSB223 Green bore sight with external battery pack

-AR243        -AR22-250

-AR264        -AR270WEA

-AR3006      -AR270WSM

-AR3030      -AR300WEA

-AR762        -AR300RSUM

-AR20GA     -AR375HH


-AR8MM      -AR50BMG


***NEW OPTION*** if you want to include the 65 Creed please do so under the options


  • - Wavelength 532nM

    - External Battery pack uses 2 AAA batteries

    - External Battery pack 20+ hours of run time

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