AimShot Pistol Bore Sight Kit


This kit is designed to bore sight most major pistol calibers.  The kit comes with two lasers and all 6 of our arbors to give you the ability to bore sight most popular pistol calibers. With our original bore sight system, you have the capability to use the lasers in both open and closed chamber applications with the button cell batteries  but in the future you can upgrade and add the external battery pack if needed for longer run times.


It includes:

-BS9 9mm Bore Sight

-BS30 30 Carbine Bore Sight that is the laser used for the following arbors:

-AR38  (fits 38 special and 357 magnum/maximum)

-AR40S&W (fits 40 SW as well as 10mm)

-AR44REM  (fits 44 special and magnum)

-AR45COLT  (fits 45 Colt as well as 45-70)

-AR45ACP  (fits 45 ACP)

-AR500SW  (first 500 special, JRH, magnum, etc)


**The arbors fit the BS30 bore sight**


Everything you need is included in the package including batteries and zipper storage pouch.  BS9 runs off 3 L626/AG4 alkaline batteries, while the BS30 works with 4 L626/AG4 Alkaline batteries. Becuase of the smaller number and size of the batteries, the run time on the BS9 is limited to 5-15 minutes depending upon batteries used. Please have your pistol ready to sight in when inserting 9mm bore sight. We recommend purchasing additional batteries from online sources such as Amazon for the most fresh batteries and confirm that you are using Alkaline batteries (silver oxide is what most local stores carry and will not work with the bore sights)


  • - Wavelength 650nM

    - 9mm Uses 3 Button Cell L736 Batteries

    - 30 Carbine uses 3 Button Cell L626F Batteries

    - Approximately 10 minutes in run time