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KT8106 Rechargeable Pistol Light (White) and Laser (Green)

The KT8106 is a combination to provide tactical advantage and precision to the user in all circumstances. It’s compact and hardened housing protects both a true green laser and flashlight so the operator has total control. It offers 5 different modes to select from offering the operator a total custom feel throughout giving them what they need to control the outcome.

•    Rechargeable, using a built-in lithium ion battery that gives the operator 2-4 hours of operation depending on use. The Battery utilizes a standard micro-USB charger to charge no proprietary charger.

•    LED 5000k Bright White output

•    Everything you need, comes with a 3 piece mounting system that can be attached to any pistol with picatinny rail

•    Compact and durable construction, constructed with carbon fiber reinforced nylon to go along with an aluminum alloy head

•    Built for anything, water resistant to withstand the elements

•    Press both the ambidextrous buttons at the same time to change modes- LED light only, green laser only, green laser and light, etc. Whichever mode the unit is turned off, it will turn on in the same mode.

•    True green laser, uses a true 532nM laser and 100 Lumen light to give the user the tools they need to handle any encounter

•    Easily adjustable, easy access to adjustment points allows the user to make corrections to elevation and windage with ease

•    Incredibly light weight, using high strength low weight materials it weighs 2.4oz including the battery

KT8106 Rechargeable Pistol Light (White) and Laser (Green)

SKU: KT8106
  • Wavelength: True 532NM  
    Output Power: <5MW
    LED Output: 100 Lumen
    Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion
    Battery Life: 2-4 Hours depending upon mode
    Construction: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon w/Aluminum Alloy Head
    Finish: Matte Black
    Water Resistant: Yes

    1 Year Limited


    Actual Product Weight: 1.8oz (2.4oz w/ battery)
    Product Height (inches): 1.16"
    Product Width (inches): 1.2"
    Product Depth (inches): 1.9"
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