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KT81067 Green Rifle Laser Kit

The idea to give the operator total control of the outcome of any situation led us to develop the KT810 series. Built to the highest of quality giving the operator the reliability that they need to get the job done. Offering the variety that you need  throughout the kit line you can get exactly what you need to attach it however onto whatever you want to mount it on.

•    True Green Laser, giving the user our brightest laser in a true green 532nM wavelength 5mW peak power output

•    Built for the elements, manufactured out of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum alloy finished with a hardened anodized black finish it is waterproof to 30 meters

•    There when you need it, utilizing a single CR123 battery it gives the user 5 hours of continuous runtime

•    Easy adjustment, using a 4-way alignment system under the lens cover it is engineered to allow the operator to set to zero and not worry about it falling out of alignment


This laser is best if you have a rifle or shotgun that currently has picatinny rail where you want to attach the laser. The kit includes everything you need to mount the laser and pressure switch to the rail.

KT81067 Green Rifle Laser Kit

SKU: KT81067-1
  • Wavelength: True 532NM  
    Output Power: <5MW
    Battery: One 3V CR123 Lithium
    Battery Life (Laser): 5 Hours Continuous
    Construction: 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
    Finish: Anodized Matte Black
    Waterproof: 30M
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited


    LS8100 green laser
    5mW peak power output
    MT61167 Light/Laser rail mount
    GL8013 straight cord Rail Mounted Pressure Switch
    CR123A Lithium battery
    4 way laser alignment system under lens cover
    allen wrenches for fitment and alignment

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