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MBP 9 - External Battery Pack

The Modular battery pack provides versatility to the original AimSHOT bore sight by adding an optional battery back that can be used in place of the original tail cap to extend battery life to 20+ hours of run time. The unit is also very helpfully in that it can also be replaced if the cord on an MBS was cut if the chamber was to close during application. The Modular battery pack can be used with the original AimSHOT 30 Carbine, 9mm, Ruger 204, .23 Green, .223 20X and the original and .223 bore sight system. These are also replacement battery packs for the modular bore sight systems as well.

It is important to note that each of these systems require a different modular battery pack. When purchasing it is important to make sure that you purchase the correct unit for the bore sight system you are fitting. The battery caps and battery outputs are different and if not correctly fitted could damage your boresight.

All battery packs come with a magnet that allows the user to attach the pack itself to the gun housing giving the user the ability to have the operate the bore sight without interference with its accuracy.


- 30 Carbine

- 9mm

- .223 (.223 Green/.223 20X)

- Ruger 204

MBP 9 - External Battery Pack

  • - Battery Pack uses 2 AAA Batteries

    - approximately 20 hours in run time

    - Wire length approximately 3 inches

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