MBS 223 20x

.223/5.56 laser bore sight module.  This is the brighter laser version designed to make it quick and easy to bore sight your rifle chambered in .223. Utiliizing the external battery pack it can work with both open and closed chamber applications. This laser is also the basis for the AimSHOT laser bore sight system and is used in conjunction with the AimSHOT Arbors to bore sight other rifle calibers. 

MBS 223 20x

SKU: MBS22320X
  • - Wavelength - 632nM

    - 3 Button Cell L736 battteries ~10 minutes of run time

    - External Battery Pack 2 AA Batteries ~ 20 hours of run time

    - Magnet on Battery Pack to attach to most gun applications

    - External Battery Pack wire ~ 3 inches in length


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