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NEW!! Locking M-Lok 60mm Picatinny Rail MTML-60PR

New locking M-lok Quick Detatch 60mm Picatinny Rail. Easily attach any Picatinny Rail mounted accessory (lights, lasers, vertical grips, etc) anywhere along your M-Lok rail. Press buttons and insert into M-Lok rail slot. Release buttons and press down to firmly seat the mount to the rail. Mount is now firmly attached to the rail. Use as normal (no tools needed!). To release, squeeze buttons and pull away from the rail. 


Allows you to move your attachments to different spots along your rail to help balance the rifle or remove completely. Easy to remove light for hand use and then quickly re-attach to the rail for hands free.  


Must be used on metal M-Lok rail sections between 2 and 3mm (.08-.11") thick. If the rails are too thick or too thin, the mount will not work properly and can be pulled off the rail section. 

NEW!! Locking M-Lok 60mm Picatinny Rail MTML-60PR

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