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The TX870 uses a green LED light to give the operator the edge in hunting operations. Animals cannot see the green light, but much more visible to humans than red light as well as functioning at a spectrum to maintain night vision. Gives the operator great value as it comes as a full kit with everything you need to fit the light to a rail. Includes the LED light, picatinny rail mount (MT61167), batteries (2 x CR123A), on/off tail cap switch and our latest rail mounted pressure switch. Our TX870 gives the operator the edge over any hunting situation so they can control the encounter.

•    Built for comfort, rubberized hand grip gives the operator comfort of use even in harsh environments

•    There when you need it, giving the operator over 20 hours of run time depending on operation

•    Fully adjustable, giving the operator the ability to adjust for any circumstance with a full adjustable lens

•    Solid construction, the housing being made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy with the lens housing being made from a metal insert along with a tempered glass lens to provide the up-most protection over the LEDs.

•    Protected by our name, giving the operator a 5 year limited warranty covering its craftsmanship and operation

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