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TZ980 Series Rifle Flashlights


The revolutionary TZ980 is a unique flashlight designed by AimSHOT from the ground up as a weapon mounted adjustable focus light for hunting and tactical use. It is the only adjustable beam light on the market that is waterproof, recoil proof, and has a fully adjustable output from 5-100% output using the wireless rail mounted pressure switch. At the widest angle, you can see approximately 40' wide at 100'. As you turn the bezel to zoom in the beam pattern, the light output is condensed into a 10' wide cone of light. Use the wide angle to find your prey, then zoom in to identify and track your target. Using the adjustable wireless pressure switch it gives the operator total control in any situation giving the ability to adjust the beam to match the field of view of magnified optics for varmint hunting and other night time use and is available in white, green or Infrared versions.

•    Solid and comfortable construction, built from aircraft-grade aluminum covered with a rubber grip to give the operator comfortability even in  the harshest of environments

•    Wide angle lens, made from tempered glass covering powerful LED outputs giving you up to 400 lumens based off user preference

•    Long life not letting you down when you need it, depending on the setting of the light giving the operator over 20 hours of continuous run time

•    Backed by our name, product is covered by our 5 year warranty covering its workmanship and craftmanship

•    Everything you need, kit comes with everything needed to outfit your rifle  regardless of your setup



TZ980 White
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